2012 University Center Economic Development Program Competition
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With that, the EDA has stipulated that the resources included in the program can be within the likes of technology commercialization, feasibility studies, market research, economic impact analyses, training, and several other technical assistance initiatives that could assist communities in the process of fostering vibrant economic ecosystems.

The University Center Economic Development Program Competition has been running since the year 2004, but in 2012, the EDA will specifically administer the program competition in its Atlanta and Seattle Regional Offices.

In addition, the EDA has also stated that they will give priority to grant application which intend to create and nurture regional economic ecosystems through applied research and development, technology commercialization, and targeted activities that cultivate entrepreneurship through three primary components:

a) A vastly networked regional talent pool, with specialized expertise relevant to the region’s innovation clusters;

b) A support system that is intended for researchers and scientists who are seeking to turn their discoveries into marketable goods and services;

c) Diverse innovation infrastructure that are very much necessary in the process of supporting innovation such as education, workforce development, and financial infrastructure.

In order to fuel the drive of this program, the EDA is set to administer funds in the amount of $8.4 million.

The institutions and organizations who are eligible to submit an application and receive funding under this program are accredited institutions of higher education, including community colleges, or a consortium of accredited institutions of higher education.

2012 University Center Economic Development Program Competition
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2012 University Center Economic Development Program Competition
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