American Schools and Hospitals Abroad Program
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The Foreign Assistance Program is designed to support long term economic growth and the foreign policy objectives of the United States.

The program is provided through the Agency for International Development (US AID). US AID is an independent government agency providing humanitarian and economic assistance to more than one hundred countries.

There are a number of examples of projects that have funded through the Foreign Assistance to American Schools and Hospitals Abroad program.

  • The program allowed the African Medical & Research School in Kenya to procure commodities to upgrade its training facility.

  • The Mulanje Mission Hospital in Malawi was able to construct a private healthcare ward, procure furniture, medical and computer equipment

  • Wilberforce Institute in South Africa constructed, equipped and furnished a multi-purpose community development center
  • The Nancy Fulwood Hospital in Pakistan was able to procure medical diagnostic equipment, heart monitoring equipment and furniture
  • American Farm School in Greece renovated existing dormitories

  • The University of the Valley in Guatemala was able to construct telecommunications laboratory, renovate math and science laboratories, procure file servers, desktop computers and scanners

    American Schools and Hospitals Abroad Program
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