Center for Disease Control and Prevention: Training for States on Winnable Battles
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e) Increase the number of states with policies to improve the nutritional quality of competitive food in schools

f) Increase the number of states with nutrition standards foods provided in preschool children in child care centers

g) Increase the proportion of schools that require daily physical education for students

h) Reduce per capita cigarette consumption in the US

The CDC encourages interested applicants to develop activities and strategies that would help achieve the goals and measurable outcomes stated above.

The agency has also stressed that this announcement will only be for non-research activities; proposals that will include research will therefore be rejected.

The CDC will grant one award with an anticipated ceiling amount of $200,000.

Interested applicants can apply electronically at the website. Deadline of applications will be on September 23, 2011.

Eligible applicants are exclusively the existing grantees of the Capacity Building Assistance program of 2008, provided that they have demonstrated the ability to convene teams of state level policy makers.

The Department of Health and Human Services, the branch of the government where the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is under, serves as the premiere provider of essential human services in the US, especially to those citizens who are financially challenged and are least capable of helping themselves.

The Training for States on Winnable Battles program plays a vital role in achieving the objectives of the Department of Health and Human Services because it enables the agency to educate leaders and gives them the opportunity to help in halting the progression of diseases. As the famous proverb goes, prevention is always better than cure.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention: Training for States on Winnable Battles
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