Democracy, Human Rights, Rule of Law, and Freedom of Expression and the Press for Europe and Eurasia


The Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor Affairs, otherwise known as DRL, is one of the three bureaus under the United States Department of State.

The Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor Affairs is primarily responsible for promoting the essence of democracy around the world, as well as formulating US human rights policies and the coordination of policies and human rights-related labor issues.

In keeping with its goals and objectives, DRL has recently established a funding opportunity entitled Democracy, Human Rights, Rule of Law, and Freedom of Expression/Press for Europe/Eurasia, wherein they are seeking applications and proposals that aim to develop projects promoting democracy, human rights, rule of law, and freedom of expression/press in Europe and Eurasia.

The program also aims to strengthen the capacity of Europe/Eurasia civil society and media to serve as an advocate against corruption according to the context of the government's anti-corruption and transparency initiatives.

In addition, the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor Affairs also hopes to build bridges between the fields of journalism and anti-corruption advocacy.

The DRL also requires that the applications and proposals be designed towards expanding the capacity of journalists, bloggers, and civil society to uncover and efficiently publicize reports of corruption on the local, regional, or national levels using new and traditional media approaches.


Democracy, Human Rights, Rule of Law, and Freedom of Expression and the Press for Europe and Eurasia
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