Ethical Schools Project in Peru
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Consequently, USAID Peru has developed three main objectives for the three-year Ethical Schools Project:

1) Establish and strengthen education policies that will incorporate ethics and instill ethical decision-making strategies in primary school students

2) Be able to train teachers some techniques that would help them integrate ethics into their classrooms, lesson plans, and other teaching methodology

3) Support regional authorities and school networks in target regions and accompany noviece teachers in carrying out ethics education

The Ethical Schools Project not only hopes to involve teachers and students, but it will coordinate with parents and guardians to ensure that the objectives of the project will be duly met.

USAID Peru is set to administer a maximum amount of $1,500,000 for the three-year duration of the Ethical Schools Project.

To know more about this program, visit or go to the website.

Interested applicants will be deemed eligible to apply for this program is they a part of Peruvian nongovernmental organizations.

The US Agency for International Development(USAID), the main agency funding the Ethical Schools Project, is the country's leading agency responsible for providing economic and humanitarian assistance to more than 100 countries worldwide.

Ethical Schools Project in Peru
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