Financial Aid for Students - The Role of the Federal Student Aid Office
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The Federal Student Aid Office also distributes and processes all of the student financial aid applications. Students complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This by itself could almost count as a fulltime job considering that the Federal Student Aid Office processes around 14 million FAFSA's each year.

The Federal Student Aid Office also oversees the financial aid rules and regulations that students have to abide by. As a federal regulator, they make sure that the financial aid itself is going towards those who need it and are actively enrolled in college. The office determines which students qualify for financial aid and which do not.

The Federal Student Aid Office also distributes the financial aid to students themselves. This means that the office itself is responsible for distributing billions of dollars in financial aid to ensure that American citizens can have money to go to school.

Finally, the office secures repayment of those that took out a long and have since defaulted on their loan (which means that they have not repaid their loan or missed several payments). The office oversees those students who have taken out a federal loan to be able to attend college.

While often overlooked, the Federal Student Aid Office plays a role that allows even those students who never believed they had the financial capabilities to attend college to do just that. It is simple; no citizen should deny himself or herself the opportunity to better themselves due to financial difficulty. You can find out more at

Financial Aid for Students - The Role of the Federal Student Aid Office
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