Finding Federal Grants for Woman Owned Businesses
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By downloading a grant application package, you can view it offline, giving you the flexibility to complete the application when and where you want.


- Make sure that there are no errors, erasures and grammatical errors in your application.- It is very important that your written request be done very well. A well written paper gets the attention of the reviewers. You will have more chances that the grant be awarded to you.

- It would help you better if you can enroll yourself in a proposal writing class (there are online courses available too). You will be able to write your request in a much more understandable language that is very important for the reviewers.

- Make sure to pass your application before the deadline. If you can, try to pass it earlier so it will be the first in line. You don't know how much competition there is for business or research funding.

- Wait after a few days you will receive a report about the evaluation of your request. If you do get it they will request more information about you or your business endeavor.

This is a list of things you need to remember to get that grant but you must remember you need positive thinking and better writing to get it.

Don't be discouraged, instead feel empowered!

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Michael Saunders has an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He edits a site on Government Grants for Women Owned Businesses and also edits HandsNet - A Human Services News Website.

Finding Federal Grants for Woman Owned Businesses
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