Grants From The Department of Agriculture
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1) Farm Loans - The USDA is exercises the capability of providing guaranteed and direct farm ownership and operating loans to ranchers and family-size farmers who do not manifest the ability to procure commercial loans form banks and other third-part lenders. These types of loans can be utilized for a lot of purposes, including purchasing land, equipment, livestock, seeds, feeds, and supplies.

2) Agricultural Research Service(ARS) - The ARS is USDA's resident research agency that is established in an effort to pave the way to a better future through agricultural research and information.

3) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) - Plants and animals are essential factors in farming and ranching which is why the USDA created an office in their agency that is designed to ensure the health and care of animals and plants.

4) Farm Service Agency(FSA) - The FSA is an department that is operating within the USDA that is primarily geared towards the implementation of agricultural policy, administration of credit and loan programs, and the management of disaster, commodity, conservation, and farm marketing programs.

5) Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) - The FAS is the agency within the USDA that is tasked to consistently improve foreign market access for US-made products in order to boost the competitive position of US agriculture in the international marketplace.

If you are a farmer or a rancher that is looking to procure a grant or a loan from the Department of Agriculture, it is very important to note that there are still a lot of programs that are offered by the agency. To access such programs, you can visit

Grants From The Department of Agriculture
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