Tribal Colleges Research Grants Program
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a) Build scientific capacity at 1994 Institutions through collaborative research with previous 1890 and1862 Land Grants.

b) Address the agricultural, health and environmental concerns of reservation communities through scientific inquiry.

c) Give American Indians better prospects for employment and educational achievement by engaging them in laboratory and field research in the agricultural sciences.

d) Conduct investigations that could help gain insights on the optimal ways to teach and mentor American Indian students in the process of pursuing their goals of research excellence in the sciences.

NIFA has stipulated that All Tribal College Research Grant projects should involve a collaboration between a faculty member of a Tribal College or University serving as the lead Project Director (PD), as well as a faculty member from an 1862 or 1890 Land Grant Institution who may also serve as a co-Project Director.

The National Institutes of Food and Agriculture is set to administer $1,600,000 to support the initiatives of this program.

This program is exclusive for Tribal Colleges and Universities designated as 1994 Land-Grant Institutions under the Educational Land-Grant Status Act of 1994.

Tribal Colleges Research Grants Program
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