What does it mean that Federal Student Aid is a PBO?
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Over the next five years, the FSA operating as a PBO will integrate its processes even further and improve the overall system in which students receive funding for education. The FSA plans to supply better information to families and students for their postsecondary schooling decisions. In addition, they plan to better shape the behavior of participants being funded by using data, oversight, and authority to improve the relationship between FSA and their participants.

From a monetary perspective, the FSA plans to improve the effectiveness of their budget by revising a few goals. First, with the budget of the federal government continuously increasing, it is imperative that the FSA free up resources to allow future investments to take place as well as enabling a lesser draw on taxpayer’s wallets. Another important factor in using the budget more resourcefully is for the FSA to be more attentive to the stakeholders than it has been in the past; due to the fact they are under amplified examination from the extended roles of the FSA.

These goals are planned to be carried out over the next five years through The Higher Education Act of 1965 (HEA) which essentially states that the FSA has an obligation to reduce costs, provide better service to not only its customers but stakeholders and taxpayers, and to work to ensure all participants in the system are properly funded and educated on their policies from start to finish.

The FSA has very positive objective for the future of funding for its clients. Becoming a Performance Based Organization only means the FSA is even more dedicated to ensuring the wants and needs of its clients and investors are met in a timely manner.

What does it mean that Federal Student Aid is a PBO?
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